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Training - Education

Teacher training, teacher education...

I have been invoved in both for years, with training institutions in the UK, with the British Council, the Ministry of Education...

If training is a practical exercise to solve specific problems, education is an equally practical endeavour to broaden views. Here is a small sample of the kinds of seminar I do:

Polishing old lamps

What is still useful and good in the 'old' techniques that went 'out' as the communicative approach came in? Drilling? Translation? Imposed dialogues? Do such techniques still have anything to say to us? How can we polish them up, and make them do our bidding? What genies still lie there?

This 2 hour workshop investigates what we can still get out of these techniques, and suggests we should select our teaching tools on the basis of how they support our aims rather than on which theory of language teaching they are associated with.

Skills for skills and skills for language

This workshop looks at the different aims and techniques that can be used for teaching skills. I consider the difference between developing 'literacy' in a skill area and using that skill to learn more English.

Participants get the opportunity to consider a wide range of materials and task types, and also look at ways of establishing effective and specific aims and objectives for their skills teaching.

Meanings and their words...

This workshop is about meanings and the words we use to express them...how we choose the words, and how they mean different things in different environments.

We look at the way words exist in the mind, and share a large number of practical ideas for making the most of vocabulary teaching in the classroom.

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