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The curriculum - it's in front of your nose!

In curriculum development, it is very helpful to have an understanding of the principles involved, a thorough knowledge of the subject and of the methods and approaches involved.

But all the knowledge is completely useless unless you ask a couple of questions first:

Where do I want my students to be at the end of the year, their primary education, their secondary education?

What do I want them to know, to be able to do, and what attitudes do I want them to develop?

And is what we are doing now helping us get there?

This is the starting point of curriculum development. An evaluation of what is under your nose. But, to develop a curriculum, you have to have some idea of what you are trying to achieve.

A curriculum:

  • the specification of the work of a particular department in a school or college, organised in subsections defining the work of a particular group or class;
  • is often linked to time, and will specify a particular starting point and ultimate goal;
  • will specify some kind of sequence;
  • is a document of administrative convenience, and will only be partly justified on theoretical grounds. It is negotiable and adjustable;
  • is a public document and an expression of accountability.

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