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Evaluation, testing and the curriculum

More years ago than I care to remember, with the Turkish Ministry of National Education coursebook writing team

Does your ELT department know where it is going? Does it know whether or not it is getting there?

Language testing and the language curriculum are two sides of the same coin. An effective curriculum should be a clear statement of purpose and procedure on the part of the school. It is more than just a list of items to be learned. Language testing should be part of the procedure of evaluation and assessment which lets you know that you are achieving your purpose.

I can offer a range of consultancy services to schools and universities in the areas of testing and evaluation, as well as curriculum and materials development.

I can help your department through:

  • Seminars and workshops on testing and evaluation principle and practice
  • Designing and delivering training programmes
  • Advising on test construction and evaluation procedure design
  • Analysing and interpreting test results
  • Developing test specifications
  • Initiating and advising on curriculum development projects

Language and web services throughout Turkey

E-mail: andy@andydaventry.net
Phone: 0532 662 3936